Professional Profile


Candace R. Craig is a humanities educator, free-lance writer and editor, and tutor.  She has a dozen years of experience teaching middle and upper-school English in an all-girls, internationally diverse boarding school, and in a co-educational independent day school.   In recent years, she expanded her teaching range with United States history, human geography and drama.  But her previous three years were spent teaching American Literature to English 11 AP and non AP students, and special topics courses to college-bound seniors, and college freshman.

One of the greatest joys of being an independent-school teacher is getting to play a variety of roles along side teaching.  In Candace’s case, the greatest of these has been leading experiential seminars on topics such as film history, railroad history, and the world of backstage theater.

She enjoys creating an imaginative world through story-writing, and adding the imaginary to real events in her own life, with themes centered upon melancholic nostalgia, finding meaning in mediocrity, and anything involving the clumsy and the absurd.

A scene from “Deadwood Dick or the Game of Gold, A Rootin Tootin Melodrama in Three Acts”

“My other favorite role has been directing middle-school plays.  The process of directing seems to engage perfectly all of my interests and talents, from writing to performing to singing and playing the piano.  There is truly nothing like working with young actors toward a common goal, and watching all of us deepen, develop, and gain a valuable sense of self-esteem from work well done.  It’s a perfect opportunity to help young teenagers focus positively and productively their confusions, shifting emotions, and desire to be noticed and appreciated.”

That's me at the "tavern" serving up corn meal during my 2012 Colonial Living History Day.
At the “tavern” serving up corn meal during her 2012 Colonial Living History Day. Click on “Projects (examples)” for more.
Hiking to the top of Pike’s Peak.
Astonomy students at the Barringer Meteor Crater in Arizona.
After a 1960s Revue Show with 7th-graders, back in 2011.